How to submit bypass token to HOTMAIL/OUTLOOK captcha?

This article will show you how to Submit token to bypass hotmail/outlook captcha (funCAPTCHA).
  1. 1.
    Run the browser with arguments
  2. 2.
    Perform input operations until you see the captcha as shown below
3. Get Token from AnyCaptcha service (FunCAPTCHA - sitekey B7D8911C-5CC8-A9A3-35B0-554ACEE604DA)
4. Execute javascript below:
var anyCaptchaToken = 'INPUT_TOKEN_HERE';
var enc = document.getElementById('enforcementFrame');
var encWin = enc.contentWindow || enc;
var encDoc = enc.contentDocument || encWin.document;
let script = encDoc.createElement('SCRIPT');
script.append('function AnyCaptchaSubmit(token) { parent.postMessage(JSON.stringify({ eventId: "challenge-complete", payload: { sessionToken: token } }), "*") }');