Chrome Extension

We support solving captcha through installing our extension on google chrome browser
Download extension (HCAPTCHA/FUNCAPTCHA callback) - Recommend (callback - invisbile without submit button)

How to manual install extension on google chrome?

Extract the file you just downloaded from the link above
Open google chrome browser and go to url chrome://extensions
Click the Load unpacked button and browse to the extension folder you just extracted in the above step
Install anycaptcha extension
Now you can see anycaptcha extension installed on the extension list screen. Click on AnyCaptcha Extension icon > enter your API Key > Click Save and use
Configure for extension

How to config AnyCAPTCHA Extension on Selenium?

Open file ~AnyCaptchaExtension\js\config_ac_api_key.js
Input your API KEY for antiCaptchaPredefinedApiKey
var antiCapthaPredefinedApiKey = '';
var defaultConfig = {
// settings
enable: true,
account_key: antiCapthaPredefinedApiKey,
auto_submit_form: false,
play_sounds: false,
delay_onready_callback: false,
where_solve_list: [], // i.e. ['', '']
where_solve_white_list_type: false, // true -- considered as white list, false -- black list
solve_recaptcha2: true,
solve_recaptcha3: true,
recaptcha3_score: 0.3,
solve_invisible_recaptcha: true,
solve_funcaptcha: true,
solve_geetest: true,
solve_hcaptcha: true,
use_predefined_image_captcha_marks: true,
solve_proxy_on_tasks: false,
user_proxy_protocol: 'HTTP',
user_proxy_server: '',
user_proxy_port: '',
user_proxy_login: '',
user_proxy_password: '',
use_recaptcha_precaching: false,
k_precached_solution_count_min: 2,
k_precached_solution_count_max: 4,
dont_reuse_recaptcha_solution: true,
start_recaptcha2_solving_when_challenge_shown: false,
solve_only_presented_recaptcha2: false,
// use_recaptcha_accelerator: false,
// status
account_key_checked: antiCapthaPredefinedApiKey ? true : false, // set after account_key check
free_attempts_left_count: 15 // move to config
Save your config then execute the following code in selenium
ChromeOptions options = new ChromeOptions();
ChromeDriver driver = new ChromeDriver(options);